You want to get laid. You’re horny. You see there is a gay speed dating event coming up soon in your area. You think about signing up. But then you read this blog post and decide not to. Why would you not want to try speed dating? It does sound like a good idea right off the bat, but when you really look into it, it’s nowhere near as great as a chat for free.

1. Speed Dating is Costly. It costs quite a bit to get the privilege to sign up for one of these speed dating events. And when you get there you probably have to buy a snack or a few drinks, not to mention the effort of looking good when you go there. With chat for free you get a free trial to see just how much you like the line. Then you can talk to people about all your deep dark fantasies without even leaving your house or putting on a pair of pants.

2. Speed Dating is Small. At a speed dating event you’ll probably only get exposed to a few people. Maybe there will be 20 people at most. On the phone line there are an unlimited amount of people who will want to talk to you about everything under the sun from freaky sex fantasies to the weather, though probably the former will be more common. There are so many people on here all the time!

3. Speed Dating Only Happens Once in a While. With speed dating you have to wonder when the next event is going to be that will allow you to get laid. However, the phone lines are always open 24/7 even on major holidays. Imagine every day is a new opportunity to meet a new fuck friend on the phone lines.