The chat lines are a great way to meet new friends and hookup partners. Congrats on meeting someone new. If you are looking for topics to speak about with your new phone friend, you’ve come to the right blog.

It’s important to remember how you connected with him in the first place. What made you want to learn more about him? Did you bond over a common interest or hobby? Or did you go straight for hot phone sex? It’s important to recall this because it’s a good idea to bring it up during your second phone date. You can talk about what you spoke about last time so you can remind your new phone friend on the fun time you had.

Another suggestion as to what you can discuss with a new phone friend are things that you would talk to a new friend in general about. What do you want to know about your new friend? What do you want to share? Talking about things that are silly and fun could make the mood light and exciting. Topics such as travel, the strangest place you had sex before, and an embarrassing story could help break the ice. The conversation may go to interesting places and one bit of advice is to go with the flow.

Talk about what you want and desire from a new phone friendship to see if you are on the same page with the new guy. Even get nasty and try out phone sex. Be open to listening about his desires and try out new things. If it’s not your cup of tea you can always change the topic or end the call. But the more open you are, the more you will get to experience. The chat lines are always open so find a good time that works for the both of you to chat and enjoy one another’s time.