Are you newish to the world of phone dating and wondering how phone lovers keep the magic alive and stay connected with one another? If so, this blog may help you and will offer some suggestions and recommendations on things you and your phone partner can do to make your relationship last. You may be surprised to hear that space can sometimes be a good thing. Space can truly make the heart grow fonder and since there is likely always space within your relationship because it’s over the phone, it’s not necessarily a hindrance. It is important to have a strong foundation in any relationship you are committed to especially relationships over the phone. Building trust and learning more about one another are a good place to start.

When it comes to keeping your mobile phone lover happy it’s the little things that add up and can mean something big over time. One recommendation is to keep your date times and does not cancel or change times unless necessary. This helps to show your phone lover that you’re reliable. Another recommendation is to be sure to use your active listening skills while your phone lover is speaking with you. This can do a lot of positive for your relationship like make your phone lover feel heard and understood. It’s also a good suggestion to keep the magic alive by sending picture and text messages during the times you’re not having phone dates. This could act as a kind of foreplay between dates and then when you do have a phone date you could take it from there.

The chat lines are open 24 hours a day and every day of the week making it easy for you and your phone lover to connect at a time that works for both of you. Try these recommendations out and see how they work for you!