If you’re new to phone dating, you may wonder if there are any signals to watch out for that indicates that moving to a new call may be the best move. In fact, most people on the chat lines are safe, friendly, and honest and want the best for others and self but there is that 1 percent person that either has ill intentions or just may not be on the same page as you. The easiest way to tell if you should move on to a new person and call is if you and your new phone pal don’t seem to have any of the same interests. It’s important to see if you’re on the same page
because if you are not then you may as well not waste any more time and end the call.

One way to tell if a guy on the chat lines is on the same page as you is to be direct and ask questions that will give you more information. You can ask questions such as: What are you looking for in a guy? You can also reveal what you desire and see how your new phone friend responds. If you want someone to have casual phone sex and you tell your new phone pal and he says he wants a long term relationship that builds and grows over time, it may not be a good match.

Use your intuition to help guide you and follow what your gut communicates. Sometimes a feeling is all you need to know if you want to spend more time with someone on the phone. Other times, you can look to see if he’s generally interested by how he responds to you and what he communicates about himself. Ask yourself: Is he continuing to be interesting or would I rather speak with someone new? Let the answer help you decide if you should stay on the line with him.