Some point in every one of our lives we go through a difficult breakup. Should this be your current experience, this blog may offer you a way to explore a new route for your uncomfortable feelings. The thing about breaking up with a long-term partner or a partner that happened to build strong intimacy with you is that once they are out of your life, you have a lot of free time on your hands. Having free time may be a good thing in most scenarios, but because you are used to having your partner with you, you may feel lonely or be in your head too much considering your past. The best thing you can do after breaking up with someone is to keep yourself busy and take actions that will improve your future. 

Phone dating with your mobile device could give you a way to dwell on the past but instead, create new friendships, hookups, and lovers. You can also find people who will listen to your story and offer you their own past experiences. But if you stay still, you may prolong getting over your ex. It’s easy to get started on the chat lines and all you need is a working phone. The chat lines are open 24 hours a day and every day of the week, so you can dial the local chat line number and get connected to other single men who reside in your area. 

Whether you need a helpful distraction or are looking to speak with others about your situation, the phone dating community are filled with men who are usually friendly, good listeners, and non-judgemental. Give phone dating a chance, it may help you and the worst case scenario is that you may meet some new friends and connections.