When it’s time to end your relationship with another person, do it with class before you get back on chat for free. We are not saying everyone should go and their relationship right now… just that if the time does come, doing it with class is the best way. It not only leaves the door open to possibly restart the relationship at a future point in time, but it also increases the likelihood that everyone involved and their friends see each other in a positive light still. Many people are understanding that when a relationship ends, they still had love and affection for the person they were dating. Here are a few tips on how to end your relationship with class:

1. Pick the appropriate place and time: This is usually not on the person’s birthday, or at a family party with your family or theirs. It is also, generally not at a meet up in the middle of the night. Be tactful when choosing the time and place to end a relationship.

2. Pick the appropriate method: In many movies, a person that is breaking up may leave a letter on the pillow of the person they are leaving. The other person shows up at home, and the person that has broken up with them is just gone. They have literally packed their bags and left. Unless you are in some sort of danger, we do not recommend this method. Keeping the lines of communication open for conversation, even brief conversation, is usually the best option. It can be considered rude to break up by text message or by phone, but keep in mind that if you are on a phone dating service for gay men and are only dating the person over the phone the rules are a little different. In that case, it is not considered rude to break up over the phone. In other situations, people feel that breaking up in person and with conversation is the best way to do it.

3. Use positives: Using some positives about the person you’re breaking up with is a great way to express that you did have care and love for that person and that they are a worthwhile human being. Breaking up can be hard, but there are likely positive memories to share and new memories in both you and the other person’s future.